The Missing Link of Education




For many years, the focus of early childhood education by stakeholders has been the acquisition of literacy and numeracy skills. Parents worry more about the literacy and numeracy skills of their children than their competence in other subject areas. Schools spend so much money to ensure that the best teachers who can effectively teach these two subjects are recruited and retained.

However, extensive research from across the world shows that the future of work is pointing towards the acquisition of soft skills and not just competence and technical know-how. Companies are realising that what truly distinguishes the average employee from the exceptional one is the presence or absence of soft skills.

In light of these, it is becoming increasingly evident that the teaching of soft skills needs to be included in the education curriculum. Parents, teachers, school owners and all stakeholders need to see the necessity of infusing the teaching of soft skills into the overall vision of educating children. Books need to be written on how to develop soft skills.

This book is a response to these.


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